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We share our vision with our investors, who firmly believe in our work and commitment.

Big Sur
"Joinup was showing an extraordinary execution capacity, by signing new corporate clients in a sustained manner, with a strong component of self-referencing among clients. The high growth in a model in which we believed, carried out by a very prepared and tenacious team, led us to a quick investment decision."
"Elena and Alberto conceived Joinup at a time when 'sharing economy' initiatives were beginning. And they managed to detect a trend that is becoming increasingly consolidated. Their ability to work, analyze and solve problems were, along with the sector, the reasons that led me to invest in Joinup."
Gonzalo Ruiz Utrilla Civeta Investment, España
"When we met the Joinup team, we were captivated by their passion, energy and entrepreneurial vision, which is the type of business we like to invest in: A project with a scalable technology. A target market for which a problem is clearly solved. And led by a motivated and experienced team, with the ability to make it grow."
"We were convinced that Joinup would become a leader in the corporate taxi service in Spain, due to the experience of its team, its great commercial and customer service capacities, as well as the value of its technological innovation. All this in the context of responsible management, and subject to more than praiseworthy and committed ethical standards."

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Joinup is a company in constant growth with a clear commitment to technology and innovation. If you want more information, write us.